Emacs config for the Neovim neophyte wanting more

About is designed to cater to modern development environment sensibilities. Those include things like having out of the box LSP and DAP support, having a pleasant and accessible dark theme by default, including out of the box support for most popular languages, being relatively fast for such a featureful setup, using Vim style bindings where possible in addition to including Emacs bindings where they don’t conflict with the former, and being portable across systems and OSs where possible.

It is a fairly opinionated configuration that sets lots of defaults with workflow efficiency and low friction as a priority. Where possible, it tries to stay out of the way while also providing contextual information in a, hopefully, unobtrusive way.

How came to be was conceived of when sandbox—a long time Emacs user—was talking to a friend who is a long time Neovim user about their setup. A proposal was struck that said friend would give a Emacs config built by sandbox a solid try with the intent to switch to it if the config was deemed suitable for long term development work by that friend. This happened to coincide with the GNU Emacs 29.1 stable release and lead to building out an Emacs config that tries to use built-in packages where possible without compromising on cohesiveness and aiming to appeal to Vim users. Especially Neovim users who want an IDE-like experience.

About sandbox

Sandbox is a professional software developer/programmer who loves to work in languages like Common Lisp and Erlang. Mostly does fullstack web development but is really passionate about systems programming, infrastructure, and embedded systems. Known for being very committed to the bit and having a somewhat dry sense of humor revolving around wordplay and puns.